Okfol Concepts Ltd endeavor on becoming the leading Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Company in Nigeria and beyond. More importantly we have established a technical partnership with a lot of reputable companies in Nigeria and oversea. We are the sole representative of FT Refrigeration ltd UK in Nigeria for all corema pack chillers sales, services and installations.

We are now providing after sales customer services for the products of HAIER- PATHERSON ZOCHNINS LTD, the producer of Haier THERMOCOOL as the company is now in technical partnership with our company, OKFOL CONCEPTS LTD, as authorized service provider to all their products and handle all the customers’ complain about the products in Remo Area of Ogun State, Nigeria. Our company OKFOL CONCEPTS Ltd is also one of the G.A.T.E. West Africa Agents and only representative of the company in Nigeria.